Hi! I’m Wei Jia. I’m currently a Ruby on Rails web developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – and I’m loving it.

However unlike a lot of coders I meet, I haven’t been coding since I was 15. I didn’t graduate with a Computer Science degree. Heck no. I graduated with a double degree in Law and Accounting from Sydney, and later worked as an Investments Analyst in one of Malaysia’s largest government wealth fund for almost 4 years before I found my passion for building web apps. I’ve co-founded a web dev studio with some awesome friends and now I build web apps on a project/ freelance basis.

I want to show people that it’s never too late to learn new things and find your true calling. And that diversity in what you do is what makes you special.

A bit about this blog:

Young Wei Jia was always a bit chicken about trying new things or meeting new people.

Well, Wei Jia today is determined not to be afraid to do life any longer. This blog is about me having the courage to put myself out there and doing the things Young Wei Jia would go “wait, stop, think about what you’re doing!”.  Or at least, that’s the plan. This blog will also hopefully share the little pleasures in my life like food, travel and opinion pieces about things I read or observed.

Are you afraid of doing something? Don’t be, be brave.

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