10 Jobs I’ve Ever Held

Taking time off has given me a chance to reflect on past jobs that I’ve held in my life. Whilst not as extensive as Jason Shen‘s or Rick Webb‘s long list of jobs, I’ve had some pretty swell life experiences from them. So here they are, the 10 jobs I’ve ever held:

  1. Pre-school assistant teacher called “Miss Jamie” for children ages 2 – 5 in a preschool in Glebe, Sydney. “Miss Jamie” simply because “Wei Jia” was a little too exotic a name for the kids to remember. My favorite pastime was reading the Financial Times to kids during nap time til they sleep. Gets them every time.
  2. Waitress in Mamak Restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown. 
    • Perks: free mee goreng, curries, roti canai for lunch and dinner; extra tips from friendly customers who like exotic looking waitresses.
    • Twerps: cleaning the toilets after night shifts; drunk garble from over-friendly customers who like exotic looking waitresses.
  3. Summer job in a Magic Circle law firm where I used my eidetic memory to read scores of briefs and legislation in deriving ethically questionable, but mind blowing winning strategies that consistently impressed my dashingly good looking Partner-boss, thereafter defeating and humiliating all the firm’s opponents in court. Oh wait… THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, MIKE ROSS.
  4. Notetaker for university students with disabilities. One of the more noble jobs, my duties included diligently attending classes to take law notes and emailing these to peers that til today remain anonymous.
  5. Criminology research internLets pretend this was more CSI than it really was.
  6. External auditing intern at a Big Four where I came to a realization that I would never, ever, be suited for life as an auditor. I’m just too boring for that exciting stuff.
  7. Legal clerk at a conveyancing firm where I had the glorious job of drafting, stapling and binding SPAs, old school style.
  8. Student Councillor. Not entirely categorized as a job but I mean, it’s a lot of work to fight for Student welfare! Equal rights! Fair education!
  9. Investments analyst at a sovereign wealth fund where I crunched numbers, made PowerPoint and the Bloomberg machine my best friend, and met some really, really awesome people, including a few who have become my human besties today.
  10. Number 10 includes all the non-for profit stuff that, though not officially ‘jobs’ per se, were quite meaningful to me. These include volunteering at a soup kitchen, joining as a delegate in a business exploratory trip to North Korea, badminton buddy for kids during high school and all that. Which I found pretty fun too.

In writing this list, I’ve also come to realize that the jobs that I had the most fun and learnt the most were those taken during my younger, more uninhibited days. Guess it pays to be uninhibited. Though not literally!

What crazy, interesting jobs have you held? 🙂

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