Annapurna: Our Honeymoon Adventure Part I

I’ve always wanted to climb a mountain. Always. Not a full blown summit climb (the horror stories are enough to deter me), but just around and about the mountain to soak in the view and to be Zen and all that. But as always, time and life got in the way and it wasn’t til several years later that Wilson and I had the best excuse to go on a long and extended mountain adventure – our honeymoon!

And what an adventure it was.

6am at Annapurna Base Camp brought us clear blue skies and snow capped peaks - we were so lucky. See if you can spot me!
6am at Annapurna Base Camp brought us clear blue skies and snow capped peaks – we were so lucky. See if you can spot me!
One of the honeymoon album!
Annapurna Trek
Sheep! | Mountain selfie | Stunning mountain views
Chhomrong, Annapurna
Our cosy teahouse at Chhomrong. Always nice to sit down to a nice mug of hot tea at the end of a long trek.
Chhomrong, Annapurna
Waking up to this every morning was worth it.
Our comfy, cosy single beds and my favorite roommate.
Our trek on a map!

We battled the steep and rocky terrain of Annapurna, traversed the hilltop villages, slept in cosy teahouses, braved the cold and high altitude (with good attitude!), drank copious amount of black tea (mostly of the ginger and honey variety)… We returned tired, but extremely happy with what we achieved. Over the span of 10 days, Team Wilson trekked an average of 5-6 hours per day, a total distance of over 70km to an elevation of 4,130m at Annapurna Base Camp and magnificent 360 degrees views of Mt Annapurna and Mt Machapuchare (or more fondly known as the sacred Fishtail).

Our 14 days Trekking Itinerary

Our itinerary, as provided by our tour company (Adventure Treks Nepal), for the trip was exactly this:

  • Day 01: Arrival In Kathmandu [1,338m].
  • Day 02: Drive To Pokhara [970 m]. 
  • Day 03: Drive To Phedi / Trek To Tolka [1,645 m]. 
  • Day 04: Tolka Trek To Chhomrong [2,170 m]. 
  • Day 05: Chhomrong Trek to Dovan [2,670 m].
  • Day 06: DovanTrek to Deurali. [3200 m].
  • Day 07: Deurali trek to Annapurna Base camp [4130 m].
  • Day 08: Annapurna Base Camp To Sinuwa [2,340 m].
  • Day 09: Sinuwa to Tadapani [2,675 m].
  • Day 10: Tadapani To Ghorepani [1,945 m].
  • Day 11: (Sunrise trip to Punhill) Trek to Trikhedunga. [1,545 m].  
  • Day 12: Trikhedhunga To Pokhara Via Nayapul. [970 m]. 
  • Day 13: Fly To Kathmandu [1,338m]. 
  • Day 14: Trip ends ! fly back home, taking with you the memory of a life time. 

Our Nepali correspondent and trip organizer Gyan from Adventure Treks Nepal was immensely helpful throughout planning process despite my incessant questions on the who, what, how. We felt really special having one guide, Khim, and one porter (I’m pretty sure he said his name was Cool) to carry our backpacks (of about ~12 kg in total) in our little group of two. Khim was such a champ and was constantly there to cheer us in the cold nights with mugs of rakshi (locally brewed millet wine) and our supplier of the local ointment Bojo (tiger balm equivalent) when Wilson had the sniffles.


Processed with VSCOcam
Day 2 – we could see the mountain peeking through the clouds.
Processed with VSCOcam
Day 7 – my Walter Mitty moment at the trek up to Annapurna Base Camp through the valleys. We later found out that this path was also known for avalanches.
Processed with VSCOcam
Day 8 morning at Base Camp – before the long trek down.

Admittedly, there were times when I got close to giving up. On Day 08, we planned to descend ~2km in vertical height from Base Camp to Sinuwa. It would not have been so bad was it not for the rain that started late morning that dampened both my spirits and my backpack. For hours we treaded down steep rocky steps, cautious not to misplace our feet… any misstep at that point could have easily caused a slip and the end of our trekking moon. It was not til we reached our teahouse and I’d curled into my weeping sleeping bag that I’d heaved a sigh of relieved.

On hindsight, the small shower was nothing compared to the unseasonal cyclone that hit Thorong-La pass shortly after we left the Annapurna region which resulted in at least 38 dead and more still missing. We were thankful to be back but saddened by the unexpected tragedy. The mountains beguiled us with its charm and given us so much joy and beauty, but yet can be so treacherous to the unassuming.

All in all, our 2 weeks trek in the mountain ranges had given me much peace and quality one-on-one time with my new husband. Having the choice again, I would not pick anywhere else in the world for our (first) honeymoon 🙂 . We met some amazing couples along the trek, worked hard for the dal bhat and momos, and had a spectacular time.

Stay tuned for what happens next… honeymoon Part Deux.

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